Welcome traveller!

     Here you will find information on Trallum, external regions, and anything that I (the Earth Ambassador) finds interesting, which may or may not include 80s music related stuff amongst other chronically online interests of mine.

Isn't this supposed to be professional if it's an official site? No offence, man, but it's looking kinda wack.

     Yes and no. Though Trallum does have official information sites on its own internet, there is no reason why any should exist on Earth. For security reasons, Trallum isn't real. As a city, I mean. As a concept and more importantly as a way of organising my headspace it does exist. For all general purposes, every time I apply Trallum into a setting in my dreary reality it exists as a gateway to, and an easier way to understand, my brain and it's perception of reality.

     Also I've never used HTML before aside from some tomfoolery on Spacehey and AO3.

What is Trallum then?

     For all intents and purposes, it's a city resembling a genetic mash of Tokyo and Melbourne with a few of those cruddy red brick terraces in the UK.

     It doesn't exist on Earth.

     Allegedly the place is socialist, and though it's flawed it does a lot better at being socialist than socialist countries here. It also has an emphasis on supporting people who are struggling, and has something called the Youth Independence Initiative, which allows people aged 13-20 to be able to move out on their own and become responsible for themselves. It's like what schools on Earth are 'trying to do' with less vague instruction, less half-assery, and less stress. Young people involved in the initative are actively visited and supported by a careworker that ensures they're making progress in their job, school, and taking care of their home.

     Honestly the more I go off track from the original question the more I realise just how much this city is modelled in a way that I find satisfactory. There's barely any bigotry or exclusion. The main issues that arise in people's personal lives are just the mundane things that occur in regular life; breakups, family deaths, getting fired, etc etc. Depression rates are low. It just so happens that everyone I know from Trallum is depressed because I am too.

Hang on, so is Trallum City real?

     It's real in my heart.<3

     No, it's not. But don't tell me that because I frequently find myself deluded into believing that it is, and trust me I'm much happier that way.